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Band, Bajaa … Photographs

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 Choosing the right wedding photographer will help you to safeguard your wedding memories. When you are looking for a professional photographer, make sure the one whom you assign is aware of your needs. Check your budget and the cost of the photographer before you finalize. Know what kind of packages they are going to provide, so that it won’t be a hassle later.

Unquestionably, the wedding is the most important event in a person’s life, and as you flip through the pictures of your big day years later, you re-live those moments again and again. Photographs capture moments that are impossible to reproduce, so one needs to be extra careful when it comes to selecting the right photographer. If you don’t seize your moments in good pictures, you might as well have lost them forever. So, it’s definitely very important to choose the right wedding photographer.

“From my personal experience, I feel it is really important to invest in a good wedding photographer. When I saw my wedding photographs and videos I felt that it was worth every penny; it gave a touch of everything of my wedding in a nutshell,” reveals Mimansha Joshi, an analyst at an energy consulting firm. Sharing more of her experience, she states that, looking at the pictures turns out to be more enjoyable post-wedding. According to her, while choosing a photographer one must arrange pre photo-shoot meetings to discuss the angles and moments, and work together on your expression, etcetera.

Similarly, Sujata Awale Dangol, Head, Corporate Affairs, Growth Sellers, shares, "It is very important to invest in the wedding photographer (s), as your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Professional photographers capture the moments so beautifully that I have framed the best pictures from my wedding in my bedroom, and just looking at them makes me smile.” She suggests that, while selecting a wedding photographer, one must be very cautious. “Consider their previous work before finalizing a photographer, keep in mind how comfortable you will be working with them, and be sure to fix the price before you hire one,” she advices. Furthermore, she adds that it’s better to discuss and conceptualize the photographs beforehand.

Over the years, just like the concepts of wedding photographs, people’s perspectives towards wedding photographers have changed in Nepal. “Previously, most of the people did not give much attention to wedding photography. The scenario has definitely changed in the span of a few years, and to be precise, it’s doing really well. People have understood the significance of wedding photography, and they have realized that wedding is one of the most precious events of life, so every moment must be captured perfectly. Wedding photography service providers have been increasing rapidly with the rise of emerging passionate photographers and scope of the business,” shares Shaishab Kishor Shrestha, CEO/photographer at SKS photography

The cost of hiring a wedding photographer depends upon the experience level and popularity of the photographer, as well as the specifics of the services that they provide. However, on average, hiring a wedding photographer costs between Rs.20, 000 to Rs.50, 000, depending on the packages and requirements of the clients, according to Shrestha. “Generally, wedding photography products and services include full high-definition video, high-quality edited pictures, and a photo album. The photographs are provided on a flash drive, and if the client wants, a printed photo book can also be made. The extra services would be a short cinematic promotional video, in which the bride and groom will be taken to a few places for pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots,” he shares.

He further adds that wedding videography is as popular as wedding photography. “Photographs are still images, while videos are moving visual images that help connect to people instantly. Recreating the once-in-a-lifetime moments through videos is the beauty of wedding videography,” Shrestha explains.

Shahnawaz Mohammad, founder of Wedding Diary Nepal, exclaims, “You invest so much in various different things at a wedding, from the outfit to the food and venue, but once the event is over, it’s only the videos and photos that will remain.” According to him, there is a wide list of services that comes along with the wedding photographer. “At our company, along with wedding photographs, we offer photo albums, pre-wedding shoots, couple and family shoots, and videography,” he shares.

QB Maharjan, photographer at In-depth Photography, shares that the cost of upcoming photographers comes out slightly less, but one needs to check their portfolio thoroughly. “The experienced photographers are undoubtedly more consistent. However, rather than going with a brand name, you need to make sure how comfortable you are with the photographer, and ensure that he/she can meet your expectations.”


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