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That newly bloomed feeling of love blossoming is marvelous when you are celebrating your honeymoon in an exotic destination like Siem Reap in Cambodia. Siem Reap, a resort town in northwestern Cambodia, is the gateway to the ruins of Angkor. Visitors come here to see the temples, of course, but there is plenty to do in and around the city when you're templed out. Siem Reap has reinvented itself as the epicenter of chic Cambodia, with incredible tour options to suit both foodies and adventurers, and a creative cultural scene that includes Cambodia's leading circus.

Siem Reap Residence can make your honeymoon wishes come true with its stunning honeymoon suites, exceptional service, candlelit dining, and much more. All things romantic, from extravagant accommodation to exotic breakfasts, intimate dining ambience, and soothing spa treatments, you get everything here.  Angkor is a place to be savored, not rushed, and this is the base from which to plan your adventures. You could spend days visiting the various temples in the precinct, so heed our advice and don't rush it all in a day. Leave two or three days to do this vast site justice. Some of the must-visit attractions in Siem Reap are Angkor Wat, Banteay Serai, Bayon, and Angkor Thom. 


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