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Dream Wedding at Hyatt

Posted On : 25 December 2017 - 11:50 am


One of the first things you’ll be worried about after you’re engaged to your soul mate, beyond the dress of course, is finding your wedding venue. On the contrary, one of Nepal’s iconic couples, Zenisha Malhotra and Dikesh Malhotra, who got married on February 2016, had a clear choice of venue for their marriage, the Hyatt Regency, Kathmandu. From choosing the perfect attire, to planning every detail of the ceremony and reception, for as much as a year in advance of the wedding, it’s almost hard to believe it all goes by in a single day for most people, but this couple, Zenisha and Dikesh, had a big fat wedding that lasted for ten days! The wedding was a dream, with full-on traditional observances that included  supari-bringing ceremony, bachelor’s and bachelorette party,  mehendi,  sangeet,  wedding, and reception party, most of which were hosted by Hyatt Regency. We had a candid conversation with the couple about Hyatt Regency as the host to their wedding, which seemed to be their favorite place, as it was their choice for the interview as well.

You chose Hyatt Regency for your big day. Was it your first choice?
Hyatt was not the first, but our only choice for the wedding. We wanted a hotel that could cater and serve the large number of guests attending our wedding. There are very few hotels that can meet up to the mark of excellence in providing quality service to a large number of guests, Hyatt is one of them. So, the choice was clear for us.

Among the ten functions you had during your wedding, which were hosted by Hyatt?
The actual ritual wedding ceremony, mehendi, and sangeet happened at home. Hyatt was the host to our bachelor and bachelorette party, which happened on the same day at Hyatt’s Rox Restaurant. We don’t believe in celebrating bachelor’s party separately by would-be-groom and bride; it was a party attended by our mutual friends. Similarly, the three receptions that we had were also hosted by Hyatt. 

How was Hyatt as a host?
The whole Hyatt Regency team was very supportive and warm. We started planning for the wedding a month earlier, and the rounds of discussion went very well with the team. Every event had a different menu, customized according to the people attending the ceremonies. We also made sure that our guests had a different palate in every ceremony at Hyatt, which thankfully happened. The decoration, menu, theme, everything was different with each event. Everything accumulated; Hyatt did a fantastic job as a host to our wedding.

The younger generation today is scared of commitment and marriage. What do you have to say to them?
There is nothing scary about getting married, or committing to one partner for the rest of your life, if you know you have found the right person. When it’s the right time, it will click, and you will just know. All you should be sure about is that you don’t get married under anyone’s pressure. It’s important that you choose the right person, and then talk to your family about it. We think that, instead of being scared about marriage, you should be alert while choosing your partner. Once you have the right partner, committing to that one partner will come naturally to you.

What was your best wedding memory at Hyatt?
In comparison to other places, Hyatt was a well-organized and efficient host, as they took care of every minute detail to satisfy us. The big flow of our guests was so well managed, and all our guests enjoyed the food and the ambience. That was one happy moment for us, and we also cherish the fun we had at our combined bachelor’s and bachelorette party.

Many couples in Nepal look up to an example. What are your tips to the married, or soon-to-get-married couples?
Marriage is a beautiful bond. Trust is one major factor for a successful marriage. You should commit to your partner from day one to forever. It should not be a one day affair. You should always be true to yourself, and always remember and retain the first thing that made you fall in love with each other. There are lots of complaints regarding the before’s and after’s of marriage. So, either before the marriage or after the marriage, you should remain the same, and not make false promises. Be yourself, make sure to communicate with each other, and love each other to the moon and back. That would be a perfect formula for a happy and successful marriage. (Smiles)


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