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Exquisite Splendors

Posted On : 25 December 2017 - 11:05 am


Flowers are integral to any wedding; they arouse and inspire the finer senses in both hosts and guests.

The wedding is an important day, so make sure to add exquisite flowers to your big day,” says Mandir Shrestha, Director, Siam Floritech. Talking about the flower decoration, the entrance, wedding vehicle, mandap, and puja site are the major areas. He recalls decorating the late Princess Shruti Rajya Laxmi Shah’s chariot 20 years back. Before, it used to take hours to decorate vehicles. At that time, they had the German technology and foams to paste flowers, which helped keep flowers fresh for longer. However, nowadays, cut flowers are used, which don’t give better results. Make your wedding beautiful with the addition of a splash of colors, but before that, know how to use them wisely. 

How to choose flowers for your wedding day:
For that perfect wedding, where adequate preparations are mandatory, our flower expert recommends sharing your vision with the decoration people. This includes theme of the wedding, color of the location, bride’s taste, and her wardrobe details. They should be flowers that you love and that bring out your personality. This will help personalize your wedding. 
Finalize the décor budget and share it with your florist. If you have a low budget, they can modify the design, use less expensive flowers, and still make it look great. 
Choose seasonal flowers for the decoration, as it saves money. The season plays an important role in your decorative choice, especially if you are budget-conscious. Non-seasonal flowers will only increase cost and difficulties.  
Use of foliage and other fabrics will add to the look, and make it last longer. The floral arrangement should contrast with red, or any color that would complement red.
Decide on the role of the flowers for your wedding. Flowers fulfill decorative purposes at the entrance gate, as garlands, and for pujas. Local fresh flowers is a better option compared to flowers that have been imported and preserved. Mostly, red and gold are being used all over during weddings. So use contrast-colored flowers elsewhere. And since cut flowers dry up early, use flowers and clothes to breach the gap. 
There are many brides who worry that there will not be any beautiful flowers for their wedding in winter. But, don’t! There are many flower options out there during the season of winter, with striking colors to make your wedding look gorgeous. Gerbera, carnation, rose, gladiolus, limonium, and gypsophila are some of the seasonal flowers. 
Bed decoration with flowers, though popular before, is not so now, as flowers may contain allergy inducing pests. Among don’ts, florists advice not to keep flowers on the bed due to such reasons. While decorating with flowers, they should be fresh and well preserved. Cut leaves or petals will not last long. 
Preserve cut flowers by keeping in a jar, along with some salt and sugar. It adds to the beauty of your home, and invites guests with their sight and smell.

For further details: Siam Floritech, Kupondole 

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