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Health Tips for the Bride-to-be

Posted On : 17 December 2017 - 11:20 am


As the most awaited day of your life nears, you are bound to be both excited and stressed out. From choosing the best-looking flower combination and the perfect dress to the fear of messing up something on the main day, there are uncountable worries when it comes to your wedding. But, there’s one thing that can’t afford to lose your attention: your health. Here are some things you should keep in mind. 

Keep track of your food: It is very important to know what is going inside your mouth, no matter if it is one spoon or a whole bowl. One of the biggest culprits of gaining weight is eating a lot of small portions of junk food. Tiny calories can really add up. If you keep track of your food, then there are higher chances you will lose twice as much weight than if you splurge on food. The least, or the most you can do, is track your food thoroughly daily, weeks and months before your wedding day. 

Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day: You have heard this repeatedly, so why not believe it and have a well-balanced breakfast every morning. You will start to notice a lot of positive changes in your body. Eating a balanced breakfast will fire up your metabolism rate, which will make you have lighter and healthier lunch than you would if you hadn’t had your breakfast. 

Exercise is a must: Keeping fitness as a priority is very important, as just reducing on food and cutting down carbs will not be enough. Push yourself a little bit every day in the gym, or in your own house, if you have the equipment. Those few extra pounds need your full dedication while working out. 

Don’t cheat on your exercise day: Treat your workout as an appointment. You would be ready an hour early to go for your dress fitting or your cake tasting, similarly, you can give your time for keeping your body in shape, and to look extra good for your wedding week. 

Workout in the morning: People who exercise first thing in the morning are more likely to exercise regularly than those who exercise later in the day. Morning workouts might be the best way to squeeze fitness into your days before other things come up. Plus, when you exercise first, you’re less likely to overindulge with food later.

Make sleep your best friend: It is obvious that people get less sleep during their wedding week, but you have to know that if you sleep less then it will hamper your hard work towards losing weight, as late nights will only make you crave for unhealthy junk food. More importantly, it will also affect your skin. 

Be active: It is very important to be as active as possible during your day, because it will help you build stamina that you will need throughout the wedding week, and especially on your main day. But this doesn’t mean you physically drain and stress yourself every day. Keep your mind active, so that you can survive the hectic week very graciously. 

Keep healthy snacks near you, always: There will be times when you will crave for junk food, and that is when you must keep calm and eat smartly. Eating too little always makes your intake go high the next time you see food. All you must do is eat healthy at that time. Bring snacks with you. Keep healthier options open, and never go more than 3-4 hours without eating 

Don’t let stress take over you: If you stress, it will either play with your mind, or with your waistline. Stress contributes a lot to weight issues, especially if you are prone to emotional eating. Exercise can help a lot to relieve stress, which is positive to reach your weight goal.   

Hydrate yourself: Drinking more water means you will end up eating fewer calories. Drinking water before each meal results in greater weight loss. Water and water-rich food can help fill you up longer. Always carry water with you, because it is the first thing you should intake if you feel even the tiniest hunger creeping in.

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