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How to Manage Your Wedding Bouquets?

Posted On : 12 December 2017 - 10:20 am


Wedding bouquets costs are set in stone, but we still manage to present it to the couple. Have we ever thought what ultimately happens to them?

Whenever we hear about a wedding, the very first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is ‘flowers’. Flowers have a very significant role during weddings; from embellishment of the bride to presentation of bouquet to the couple. However, regardless of their importance and value to weddings, they do not bloom forever, and eventually wilt away. Most brides realize that their bouquets will die within days of their wedding, and they wonder what they should do about them.
Giving a wedding bouquet to the couple is common practice, and to many couples, they are as precious as their wedding memories. But, as soon as the reception is over, it is quite depressing to watch all the blooms start to wilt so quickly. Many brides become sentimental, regretting not doing something special with their flowers, which hold so much meaning to them. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take better care of those precious bouquets?
Pratisha Shakya, a twenty-three year old student, shares, “It was so heartbreaking to see all the wedding bouquets of my sister getting faded within days of the reception. We should have used all those flowers for something special.” After spending a good amount on the wedding flowers, it is very disappointing to simply let them wilt, and eventually just throw them away. Give them a second life, and those blooms can be made more than a memory after the 
big day.
According to Rita Shrestha, owner at Ace Greenery Center, Kamaladi, “It would be better if you give flowers that are still in bloom, with a fresh cut. Kept in a vase with fresh water, they will last for more than a week. “ Similarly, Mandir Shrestha, owner at Siam Floritech, Pulchowk, says, “You can keep the flowers in an airy room, just to let them dry, which will help to retain the color and can be used as a very good piece of decoration.” He also suggests, “You can donate those flowers to the nurseries or flower donating charity while they’re still fresh. Most people these days are choosing this as an option in order to manage their bouquets.”
It is quite difficult to preserve all your wedding bouquets, but still, you can save some of those beautiful blooms, which certainly don’t deserve to be thrown away. Drying the flowers is the best way to manage the bouquets. Dried flowers make for super memorable keepsakes. And, those flowers can either be used as room décor, or can be stored in a box for the safekeeping. Use the fragrant smell of the blooms to fill the room for days to come, which will help to add a little more love every day. Sprinkling the petals which are edible on your favorite dessert is also worthwhile.
Besides all these, we can also press the flowers, and there are many uses of such pressed flowers: bookmarks, thank-you-notes, invitations … the list could be so long. It’s a great way of remembering your wedding flowers in an artistic form and extends the joy of your day. Wedding bouquets are so meaningful, as they are gifted by special ones, and they remind you of your big day. A lot of money goes for wedding bouquets, so why waste them? Eco-friendly, artistic, and sentimental ways can be used for managing these fragrant blooms 
of love.


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