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Manavi Dhakal and Pranab Sharma

Posted On : 2017-12-04 00:00:00


Nepalis living in foreign countries have it tougher when it comes to bringing that authenticity in their wedding celebration. However, the dynamic duo of Manavi Dhakal and Pranab Sharma did not leave any stones unturned to celebrate their wedding packed with Nepali traditions, and complemented by modern extravaganza.

Dhakal and Sharma had a traditional Nepali wedding at a Hindu temple in Colorado. The ceremony was very simple, but according to the couple, the fact that it bound them together along with their families made it very special. Dhakal shares, “I never envisioned myself as a bride, but on the very day I enjoyed looking and feeling like one.”

The couple did not have much time to spare for pre-wedding celebrations, since Dhakal was having her nursing exams at the time. However, they did try to incorporate and squeeze in some of their rituals and root the celebrations to their culture. The bride celebrated mehendi and bukuwa, a practice of covering the bride with turmeric and sandalwood paste. The groom, however, put in a modern touch and celebrated a bachelor party in New York, followed by a road trip to Colorado. Dhakal shares, “Pranab’s family and friends had celebrations for seven days straight, and they were all very elaborate and fun.” The secret to making any celebration unique and special is definitely not to stress and let loose, and this bride and groom did not let go of the moment.

Due to their busy schedules, they could not contribute much during the planning period, but they are grateful to Sharma’s mother, who relentlessly looked after every minor detail, from decorations to the food. Dhakal says, “My mother-in-law’s close involvement with the planning and organising really touched us, and made the event extraordinary. Also, Pranab knew my love for Bollywood, so with the help of his mother, the celebrations were planned around it.” She agrees that such small gestures are what matters at the end and make events unique.

According to them, the reception was completely wild and fun, just as they hoped to make it. They had a guest list of 400 and more, and the planning was deftly done to send out invitations and manage the large guest list. Dhakal says that they chose a sit-down dinner, instead of the conventional buffet style dinner, which proved to be very effective. Another unique aspect about their reception was the option for guests to RSVP through a website, where they could also choose their meal plan.

The couple agrees that the most heartening aspect about their wedding that added a personal touch was a photo collage showcased by their cousins. Moreover, their families and friends gave emotional speeches about the newly married couple, which really touched them.

For Dhakal and Sharma, the planning period was hectic, but their family’s constant support proved to be invaluable. They suggest that, to make weddings special, communication between the couple is the key. Dhakal further adds, “Your wedding doesn’t have to be the best and the fanciest in others’ eyes as long as you both love each other. This strong bond that you share and show is what will eventually make celebrations unique and intimate.”

It is quite evident that this couple made their celebrations exceptional with the simple mantra of not forgetting to have fun along the way, treasuring small moments, and showcasing love in abundance.


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