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Love has no bounds, and weddings are an amazing way to celebrate the unison of two individuals. It is intriguing, because it not only intertwines two souls and their families, but it is also a great way to witness variation in cultures and traditions. Moreover, the intricate details associated with the wedding celebrations, the wedding invites, food, jewelry, costumes, add an extra layer of fun to the entire process.

Wedding celebrations are undoubtedly an elaborate process, and every couple has certain desires associated with it. We had a walk down memory lane with three couples about their wedding celebrations and how they made their special event unique.

Varun SJB Rana and Padmaja Jadeja

As society progresses, we have found new ways to inculcate this dynamic in our lives. Younger generations are grounded to their culture by their elders, but they ultimately find ways to add a touch of modernity to everything. Weddings are one such example where culture is being tweaked and elaborate modern celebrations are being added. However, the young couple of Varun SJB Rana and Padmaja Jadeja chose to make their wedding celebrations unique by binding them with their respective cultures and traditions.

Rana and Jadeja had a lavish traditional wedding in the heart of the ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur, The Diggi Palace, with thousands of guests from all over the world. Rana says, “The entire idea of celebrating our wedding at the ultimate destination of Jaipur was really exciting for me.”

He further adds, “We see a lot of wedding celebrations deviating from ancient traditions, but the fact that ours was entirely rooted around age-old cultures and values added a unique aspect to it.”

To provide finesse to the events, they had hired India’s best wedding planner, Vandana Mohan. The celebrations were spread over a span of three days, starting from a party outside of Jaipur, sending of saipata over to the girl’s side, followed by the wedding ceremony in the evening and a grand reception the next day. Rana shares, “I thoroughly enjoyed the main ceremony, since I wore the jaama, which has a special place in my heart for it has been passed down from generations.” Rana also made a princely entry to the wedding on an elephant and a horse.

The reception was another grand affair, where the bride was decked up in an antique velvet gown, along with a tiara and veil passed down from Rana’s grandmother, whereas, the groom wore the traditional Indian safa and heirloom brooch. Rana adds, “I found it unique, because we both wore dresses passed down from each other’s family, which gave us an opportunity to accept each other on a vital level.”

Since theirs was an inter-clan marriage, there were certain rituals distinctive to the bride’s family. Rana adds, “We did not miss out on our Nepali culture of putting garlands made of dubo and vermillion on the bride through a white cloth.” The custom of welcoming the newly-weds with a traditional chaurasi byanjan, or eighty-four dishes, was also organized by Rana’s uncle. He further mentioned that this close involvement of all family members added a hint of intimacy and beauty to the entire event.

One important aspect the couple considers to have made their celebrations unique was proper budgeting and the number of invitees. Rana was happy that his friends from England and the U.S.A. became a part of the events and witnessed the cultural richness. The couple considers their friends and families coming together from around the world to be a part of this sacred unity of two individuals, families, and culture as the best part of the entire event, and one that gave it a touch of uniqueness.

It goes without saying that Rana and Jadeja’s wedding celebrations were one for the books, with its extravagant royal vibe and the authenticity of traditions being the highlight. This modern couple’s deep-rooted belief in their traditional values is a rarity today, but which added all the charm and made the celebration one-of-a-kind.


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Author :Avipsha Rayamajhi

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