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The Invitation: Post or Print?

Posted On : 2017-12-08 00:00:00


 E-invites might be gaining popularity, but traditional wedding cards do not seem to be losing their touch, as well. What will you choose?Your wedding invitation shows the first very glimpse of your wedding day to the guest. It reflects your personality, and to some extent, mirrors your untold love-story. However, over the years, not only have the designs evolved, but also the approach to inviting guests is gradually changing.

Not too long ago, engraved wedding cards used to be of high priority. The bride, groom, and even the family members spent months trying to find the perfect wedding card. More time would be invested in getting the correct information of all the guests. Finally, the cards would be sent out and delivered, a long process in itself.

Now, with the hectic lifestyle of today, this approach is not very feasible. Not only because of the time-consuming factor, but people no longer see it as a reasonable financial option. Furthermore, in this tech savvy world, e-invitations have become quiet popular. People have started seeing it as a more cost effective alternative.

According to Rajani Shrestha, a clothing shop owner, e-invites made her life much easier. The recently married young lady shares, “I really do not regret inviting guests through social media. It was much more effective than traditional wedding cards. It helped a lot in managing the budget, as well as time.” She further adds that she also witnessed the quick response from the guests and could easily figure out the tentative number of people who would be present at her wedding.

Similarly, Arees Shrestha, a freelance web-designer, shares that she would vouch for e-invitations anytime over traditional wedding cards. “Why waste so much paper when you can easily get the same message across in a more effective manner?” she asks, adding that the trend of e-invitations has gained popularity mainly because it is free and can be quickly created and circulated through social media. “It is cost effective, and also, the host can receive quicker responses from the guests, which gives them the advantage to plan the seating, food, et cetera. in advance.”

Also, as e-invites do not need to be handed from person to person, it not only cuts down the transportation expenses, but helps the environment, as well. Instead of using hundreds of individual sets of invitation cards and envelopes, everything is done through the web, which saves a lot of trees. Reportedly, almost four billion trees worldwide are cut down each year for paper, representing about 35 per cent of all harvested trees.

However, although the trend of online invitations is growing, to some it doesn't transport the same sense of importance as that of a printed invitation. Also, not everyone has access to the Internet. Thus, in some cases, printed invitations are still the best way of reaching all the guests. Many people doubt if e-invites will convey the same impression and emotional importance as paper invitations. Suju Tilja Pun, Program Officer at a reputed NGO, says, “Although online invitations are easy and free, you need to make sure that your grandmother still gets the mail."

Therefore, the debate still continues. Although e-invites are more efficient, until and unless you don’t make your e-invitation attractive, it might not be as effective. According to Anup Ghimire, founder of Wedding Dreams Nepal, one of the best ways to make e-invitations work is to add a nice video. He says, “The host needs to send out a high quality event invitation to attract the guests, showing that the event is worth attending.” He adds that it’s always best to make a Facebook event and circulate it in your own social profile, or send the private link to your guests. Whereas, in case of traditional paper card, Ghimire suggests that the host needs to be extremely selective when choosing the design on the card, and says, “The best way to play it safe is to keep the design minimal.”



What do guests prefer— e-invites or paper cards?

“Traditional wedding invitations have more long-lasting significance, as they reflect the effort made by the host. However, looking at the busy life, I prefer e-invites. It is easier and more accessible for the guests, and inexpensive for the host. I think we should change with the changing times.”

Indira Joshi, Singer

"I am good with e-invites. As the Internet is easily accessible anywhere, I wouldn’t mind getting an e-invite, rather than waiting for a traditional paper card.”

Samir Banerjee, General Manager, Shangri-La Hotel, Kathmandu

"I definitely would prefer e-invites, because it is a more convenient alternative for everybody. It is less time consuming, as you can easily see the invitation and immediately share if you are going or not."

Jyoti Limbu, Make-up artist



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Author : Bindiya Naga

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