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Turning wish into Reality

Posted On : 15 December 2017 - 12:10 pm

Big Day

Do you wish to arrange a big fat wedding? A wedding that fulfills your dreams of the perfect venue, decorations, wardrobe, jewelry, food, hospitality—the list goes on. If yes, then gear up to loosen your pocket, and let wedding planners take away half of your stress. Similarly, time is an important factor. How much time do you think you will need for a wedding preparation? Nine months is what it might take to plan a proper full-fledged wedding, shares Smriti Vaidya from Wedding Nepal. Six successful years into the business, Wedding Nepal helps plan your wedding by taking care of your needs and taking away your stress. It offers counseling, and services ranging from planning and delivery of invitation cards to planning your jewelry, wardrobe, decoration, lighting, food, and all the nitty-gritty. We sat down with her to know more about the business, and these are her observations:
To begin with, initial consultation begins with meeting the client and going over the ground work. They get the details and understand their customer’s needs, and discuss various parameters, from the monetary and logistic angles. Then, a contract is drafted and finalized between the two parties.
Venue selection depends on the need of the client, the number of invitees, functions to be carried out, budget, etc. Most popular venues are five star hotels. There are other favorites, as well. For example, if one wants a wedding in a lush green garden, then Garden of Dreams or Gokarna are popular choices. 
Planning weddings by wedding planners is not new abroad, and the culture is picking up here slowly. According to Smriti, Wedding Nepal is one of the oldest wedding planning companies in Nepal, having started six years ago. Till now, they have planned hundreds of weddings, and have provided their expert services to Nepalis, Indians, and foreigners. They have brought into reality many dream weddings.
Wedding vendors (photographers, videographers, florist, etc.) are to be consulted and booked in advance, as they might be busy. Vendors should be selected as per the client’s preference.
After the venue and vendors are booked and secured, the client needs the wedding planner’s help with everything else that makes a wedding the magical day they have envisioned. To help and assist with the bridal parties, attires, salon, florist, printed materials, etc. 
Basically, wedding planners need to clear the confusion that the bride has before her wedding, and help arrange a smooth and grand wedding, thus making it an event to remember.

For further information contact: Wedding Nepal, Naxal, 4410364

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