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Utpal Kumar Mondal, Executive Chef at Radisson

Posted On : 14 December 2017 - 09:35 am


Chef Utpal gives his tips and advice on how to get a splendid wedding cake.

1. The first and most important thing is to decide on the number of people coming to your wedding. The final number will help set the size of the cake. It could be anything from a three-layered cake to a 20 kg one!

2. The design is, naturally, a very important aspect. This depends completely on the couple. What I would suggest is that both the bride and groom sit down together and do a lot of research on their dream cake. They can browse the internet or even design their own style. 

3. Another thing the couple should note is if the cake matches the theme of the wedding. There are a lot of thematic weddings these days, so they might want a cake according to the theme.

4. The flavor and taste! This is the most important part. Make a wise decision on what flavor combination you want. Have at least two to three combinations in mind. Decide also if the cake should be eggless or with egg. If you want a butter cream frosting or fondant. Minor details are very important.

5. All couples should do a small taste test before deciding on the final flavor. We can reproduce miniature pastries with the flavor, and then the couple can make the final decision. 

“Wedding cakes are gaining a lot of importance, and each is different from the other. There is a dream wedding cake for everyone out there!”

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