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Wedding Etiquette

Posted On : 11 December 2017 - 11:00 am


No doubt you want to have an immensely big day, so it’s necessary to plan accordingly to avoid any sort of peril in the long road to the most important event of your life. And, this applies not only to the bride and the groom, but to the guests, as well. Let’s have a quick glance at the protocols to be followed by the groom, the bride, and the guests.

Do’s for the Groom

The following tips will guide you seamlessly throughout your big day. But if all else fails, just remember, the bride is always right!
Arrange the attire
Just imagine a situation where all your groomsmen come perfectly suited, and following the proper dress code, making your wedding photographs the best. So, let them know when and where to get their tuxes fitted.
Get sentimental
If you want your wedding to be a really memorable one, send her a gift, flowers, or sweet note, or record something amorous for her to be played at the party.
Get some help
You definitely don’t want to look tired and tense in your wedding album. Make sure that you and your fiancé don’t take much load for the arrangements, therefore turning up looking pretty relaxed. Do hire a wedding planner for this big day.

Do’s for the bride

Do involve your partner in the plans
It’s very important that you develop a kind of understanding with your hubby, because he’s the one with whom you are going to spend your life. So, try to involve him in the wedding plans, as it’s his wedding, too.
Be sure to eat on your big day
‘I wish I had tried the dishes on my wedding day.’ Do you want to be saying this later on? If not, do not hesitate to eat on that day.

Don’ts for the Groom

Visualize the Bollywood movie scenes where the groom himself gets drunk, to the extent that he is not sure of what he does on the wedding night, and then gets taunted for the same throughout his life. If you want to  avoid this situation then Control yourself!
Don’t go flirting around 
‘First impression is the last impression’. Why indulge 
in any act that can tarnish your character on your 
special day?

Don’ts for the bride

Do not have drastically different hair and makeup
‘Hey! How pretty you looked at that time. You have grown older now.’ Imagine your partner saying this, looking at the wedding book years after your big day. So, don’t create such a situation knowingly by doing extra make-up.

Avoid frizzy drink
An elegant thing like you does not want to respond with a burp when you are supposed to talk. After all, you are the bride!

Don’t stay awake the night before
There are many instances when a bride has fainted on her wedding day. The reason behind this is weakness and over workload. So, make sure you have a pretty good sleep the day before. 

Protocol for the guests

Take permission before posting

Well, it’s not your big day, so before posting any pic with the bride and groom, take their permission. It’s their day after all.
Be helpful
People really don’t prefer to invite guests who come and just enjoy the party without providing a helping hand. They do remember you when you prove yourself useful.

Control your emotions
It’s obvious that you also get emotional when you see your friend leaving her house and going to someone else’s. But, it doesn’t mean that you should also start crying at the time. It will discourage the bride, as well. So, try to be strong emotionally.

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