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Wedding Apps: Plan Your Stress Away

Posted On : 2017-11-23 00:00:00

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Using technology can help you to plan, organize, and manage your wedding with less of a hassle.


A wedding day is one of the most important and the happiest days of a person’s life. It also means a barrage of things to get done before the grand day itself. Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task for the families, the groom- and the bride-to-be, and the wedding planner. No doubt, the stress level will be at an all time high among all parties involved. But, fortunately, today there are many smartphone applications that help to plan a wedding and keep it as stress-free as possible. We have listed down some very handy apps that would help cut down stress, keep you organized, and make the wedding planning process seamless.


Wedding Happy is an app that helps the user plan, organize, and keep track of every detail leading up to the big day. This app is much more like a chart graph, and suitable for task-oriented users. So, if there is anyone who likes to be in control, this is an ideal app. Planning and getting organized for a wedding might be a bit overwhelming, so ‘Wedding Happy’ has built various useful features such as a customized schedule with to-do checklist and suggested due dates. This is a free app, but you can have it updated with additional features for $5.


Wedding Party is a wonderful app to share all the photos of the big day on one big platform. Some things we are all sure that’s going to happen in a wedding are: laughter, tears, booze, and a whole lot of pictures. ‘Wedding Party’ lets you and your friends join in on the fun. The users can share all the photos from the wedding in one place with everyone. This app is a great medium to collect and share all the photographs of your special day and the plus point is that you can even upload the entire batch to your Facebook.

This app is free to download.


Wedding Look Book is an app from the renowned wedding website TheKnot.com, which helps the users find a dress, wedding ring, and many more. This app pulls in vast collections of dresses, rings, and other necessities that one might need for the big day from around the cities. “Wedding Look Book’s” features are still to be fully adopted and used in our country. This app is free to download.


Pinterest is not categorically a wedding app, but it is one of the biggest and best online catalogues of creative projects in the world. A user planning an upcoming wedding can easily find a great deal of creative ideas by discovering, bookmarking, and saving creative ideas. The user can definitely find anything he or she is looking for, if not the closest, with this app. This app is free to download.


Cozi is an app that helps manage everyday errands and keeps the whole family in the loop. The days leading up to the big day could be filled with various family and grooming appointments. The app will keep track of everything for the user, and keep them synced with whoever they decide to add in the group. “Cozi” helps the users to plan and organize according to a specific schedule whilst keeping your family members well informed. This app is free to download.





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