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Posted On : 2017-11-22 00:00:00

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Growing up, almost every girl dreams of getting married to their prince, in a wonderful decorated extravagant venue and a big crowd to support their commitment. But a girl or a boy, Wedding is such a big day that holds everyone’s wishes and desires. We start planning before months, putting so much time and effort, just to make sure that the important day turns out perfect.  Whether you’re putting on a small, private wedding or a major extravaganza, you still have a lot of factors to consider and a lot of details to work on.

If having troubles with the arrangement problems or not being able to figure out what to do next, then this is where you can hire a professional Wedding planner, who will work out on every detail according to your desire. OR, you can start doing a Wedding Planning yourself, before few months from your big day. Well, here are some tips from our experts:

  1. Start a Wedding Folder or design:

No one else but only you know, what you have been dreaming of your wedding.  IF you want to make your day, party-on type or you want to keep it simple and calm. So, first thing you need to do is start going through Wedding, bridal, lifestyle, fashion, design and food magazines for inspiration and to gather more information and tips, required for the arrangements.

Tips: Be sure and clear headed on what you really want to include in your Wedding day. Tips from family and friends are always welcome but always be the last one to decide.


  1. Work out on your budget:

Here comes another important task of an event. As you have already figured out by now, on what you want, you can start preparing the budget. But clearly, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

 Firstly, know all the categories that you are going to need to spend at. You can start by making a list such as- Graphic designs, Audio Visual, Venue, decorations, F&B, Technical (sound & Lights), Jewelries, designer dress, make- up artist, Transportation, Honeymoon (if needed be), cultural rituals, Photography and Videography, Artists connection (if needed be), Return gifts for the guests, Mehndi function, Stage (if its needed) and at last Subsidiary budget to handle any uncalled expenses.


Tips: Make a phone calls in the market, florists, designers etc. and explain them what you are looking for, know the charges and start working on your budget. To level your budget, you can always add or deduct the designs.



3)Making the guest list:

The main reason why you should first work on your guest list is to make sure that you don’t forget anyone in your invitees list, and somehow even if you forgot to mention any names, then you will have enough time to make corrections. Another advantage on getting your guest list done is that you will have an idea on the counts of your wedding attendees, which could be very handful to decide on your venue and F&B menus.

Tips: Always add up on the list as soon as you realize that you forgot to mention the person in your list.




4)Reserve your date and venues:

In a wedding, after decided whom to get married, the most important question that follows is when and where?? And these just might be some of the hardest questions to answer. In our society “when” of the wedding is more than often out of the hands of bride and groom. A lot of religious and astronomical factors come into play when selecting a date. But what is in our hand is the where of it! Due to ever increasing number of venues around the town, the options might seem to be unlimited. But, come the day, these options tend to be fewer and fewer. One of the important things that you’ll need to do and no one else will probably suggest you to do is to visit the venue before than your wedding day. Since, no one knows better than you do about your wedding arrangements, this is an easy and effective means of ensuring a perfect venue for a perfect wedding.

Tips: Start looking for the venues at-least before 3 months, let them know about the theme and all the arrangements about your wedding. Choose the right hall size, with a big parking area and with the outdoor Mandap. Know exactly about the service charges and what the venue is offering, to avoid any extra charges. VOILA. You are done with one of the most important issue for your big day.


  1. Food and Beverage-

I have heard so many complaints from people returning back from Wedding, either be my family or someone else from the sphere, and the only topic I have heard them babbling about is the taste of the food. I agree that the taste varies from person to person, but trust me, this is one thing you would want to consider. IF the food is mouth- watering and delicious, people would remember your wedding day for years, no matter what.

Now choosing the best menus for your wedding is not as simple but all you need to do is spare enough time to meet the F&B managers, listen to what they have to suggest and decide the menu for your guests on the important day. You can always look for new varieties into wedding magazines and on internet.

Tips: Before confirming the menu set, take your friends or family for amusing dinner, to taste the dish and make any alters if needed be. And, don’t forget about including your Wedding cake in here.


6)Choosing the right dress for you:

For beautiful soon-to-be-brides, you know what: it’s going to be a bumpy ride! It’s not as easy to find something perfect in the market. You will fall, you will get dragged down, but you will fight hard and be victorious in the end. Coz, despite who and how, everyone looks glorious on their wedding day. Dressing is all about looking and feeling at your best. You got to know two things: There is no perfect size and no perfect body. Start looking for the designers, ask for the suggestions on the designs & the color. Look into the catalogues for clear ideas. If you already know what you want, then you not need to worry at all. Just keep enough time for at least three fittings and to make any alters.

As for the grooms, as known, there are not so many fashion trends for the guys in the market, but you can always find the latest designs of the suits or the salwars. Let’s not forget to mention the traditional attire “Daura Suruwal with Dhaka Topi” which always tops the fashion list when it comes to the Wedding.

Tips: Go to the designer, before 4-5 months of your wedding. It will give them enough time to work on the details and you will have enough time for trials. Don’t rush while making selection and stop comparing. 



7)Hire Photographers and Videographers:

If it was not for our technological equips like the cameras, then all the big events would last only in our memories, which would eventually fade away with the times to come. Latest varieties of Cameras and Videocams had made it possible for us to preserve the moments for years and also to share the events with others. If You want to make your wedding lively and remembered for years, then book the photographers and videographers to take lots of snap of your big day. You can hire them for Pre-Wedding shots, during the whole wedding ceremony, post wedding ceremony and for the honeymoon too.

Tips: Pictures talk for itself, either in the walls or in the albums. Don’t feel shy to shoot the best pictures.


8)Guest Handling and Welcoming of the guests:

Being a bride and the groom of the day, you certainly cannot look after everything and everyone, but in any matter, you have to make sure that everything is looked after and all your guests are welcomed. As your family are going to be very busy as well, find your close relatives or siblings to look after the guest department, either that be- picking up your guests at the airport or arrangements of all the local transportation needed.

Tips: Find the right and responsible ones before a month who can properly handle all the responsibilities, discuss all the arrangements that needs to be done. And just take a long breath.


9)Book your make-up and Mehndi artists:

In the Wedding season, it’s very likely that you will be troubled finding the great make-up artists and Mehndi designers. If you already know someone, you think you could rely on for the make-up touch on your Wedding day, or for the Mehndi designs than all you have to do is to ask. If no, then keep it in your priority list and start looking for one as you are really going to need them to enhance yourself and your day. After all, everyone would be looking, only at you on the day, and this is simply not a thing you can neglect.

Tips: Book up the artists before 2 months, send them reminder calls and texts in a while.


10)Decoration and arrangements:

Busiest days of the life, and so many things to take control of. Decorations, lightnings, Band-Baja, transportations, health care etc. etc. etc. And for one person to handle everything is like going to the war all alone. This is what relatives and friends are for. Bring in the responsible ones from the group, discuss on what needs to get done and divide the work load, but do it before weeks or at least a month before your wedding day. Make a note on who is looking after what so, you can remind them and keep yourself updated.

Tips: Remember to include every important departments, and always find the person you can rely on.




11)Choose your Music:

This is one of the things in the list that we don’t realize it’s been missing until the same day of the Wedding. It so simple and easy task that we often neglect to do it. But, just think of that moment, when everyone is ready to celebrate the big day of your life and the DJ, plays a rubbish song that you have never heard of and still people tries so hard to make their moves. Music is essential not only to create and sustain an ambience, but also to blame high volume of the unwanted sound of the crowd and the same suggestions that you often hear on the Weeding.

Tips: Make a rocking playlist by yourself which will make some HANGAMA or ask a friend to do it for you.


  1. Planning your honeymoon:

Honeymoon is a word that comes from the old English “Hony Moone”, which basically means indefinite period of tenderness and pleasure experienced by a newlywed couple and the fleeting amount of time that the sweetness would last. Today, honeymoons are often celebrated in romantic or exotic destinations. However, one of the important thing that really matters is your financial budget. So, start making up a budget for your honeymoon package, not need to include only aboard for the destination options. There are so many exotic honeymoon destinations with the exciting honeymoon packages, inside the country. Budgeting your honeymoon package would help you narrow down your choices. Decide where you are going! Of course, this depends totally upon you. At the beach? The mountains? Europe perhaps? 


Happy Wedding



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