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Why not use – Social Media invitations – this season?

Posted On : 2017-11-22 00:00:00

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Who doesn’t dream of having a perfect & flawless Wedding day?? With the unending list of things-to-do before a week of your big wedding, you keep fighting with your thoughts about whether you have made the right choice about your wedding dress or the wedding venue. With all the small pieces still left to fit, which get no less tasking despite the helpful swarm of relatives and friends in the house.


And on that unending list of things-to-do is the dreaded task of getting the invitation cards delivered. But here is where technology and social media can step in and especially Facebook. We all know how handy it is, for most of the things, but has the idea ever crossed your mind on sending the invitations of your wedding through Facebook??? Well of course, wedding invitations through Facebook for all will not work if you truly expect them to show up, but there is a certain group in that guest list who wouldn’t mind. And, believe me, a week before the wedding, you will take anything you can get. And if you are an environmentalist, you will be sending a strong message with your wedding e-invitations “Save Paper”. With all the environmental issues, we have around the world today, we can at least try making world little less polluted from ours side by sending e-invitations to a suitable group where invitation cards have no space.


IF you have made-up your mind, then here is what you need to do:


  1. List the social media invitees:

Firstly, remove the close family, and more importantly, the distant ones, from the list—family, protocol, and gossip go hand in hand. List down the people with whom you have shared memorable and important days of your life, but who have not been in touch with you for a long time or t frequent level, like your school friends. You don’t have their phone numbers, and you don’t know where they live. The only way you are still in touch with them is through Facebook. Additionally, if you are willing to push the boundary, the list may also include your close friends and family who you know would understand how hectic it has been, and who also are aware of your mediocre coordination skills—they may not mind a Facebook invite.



2.Use some props to make your invitation Livelier and of importance:

Now here is the actual work that might get you off the hook: Despite the aforementioned highly reasonable argument, let’s face it, it is quite likely that many would take offense to a Facebook invite. So, this is where you make an extra effort to make sure that your invitees feel that the invitation is as sincere as it gets.

  1. Cover photo:  Firstly, instead of a general photo of the couple or an ordinary snap shot, why not get a bit creative? Try to come up with an artwork to make your friends and family feel that they are being invited to a special event.
  2. Photo album: How about uploading an album of pictures taken with friends and family on the list? It shows how you feel about them, and expresses how important it is for you to have them at your wedding.
  3. Video: And, lastly, a well-made video or slide-show of the to-be-bride and groom should do the trick. What you want to include in the video is up to you, from childhood clips to the video of how he proposed.


3.Get it done - The technical stuff (how to create wedding invitation on Facebook):

  1. Step 1: In your homepage, on the left, there is a section called Events. In the bottom of the section, it says Create Event. Click it.
  2. Step 2: A new window will appear. Enter the name of the event, provide details of the event, and set the privacy setting (to set who will be able to view the event).
  3. Step 3: The event page will then be created. Now, upload a cover photo that represents your wedding. If you see any details that need to be edited, do it now by clicking the ‘Edit’ tab underneath the cover photo.
  4. Step 4: Upload the photo album and the videos.
  5. Step 5: Now, go to ‘Invite’ tab that is next to the ‘Edit’ tab, and select your friends to send out the invitation.





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